St. Louis Car Accident Attorneys and St. Louis Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Recently, Attorney David Hughes recovered the $1,250,000 insurance policy limits for a plaintiff in a wrongful death case arising out of automobile accident. 

David Hughes recently recovered $925,000 for a woman who fractured her hip in a motor vehicle accident in St. Louis County. 

Recently, Mogab and Hughes Attorneys won $800,000 for a plaintiff in a motor vehicle accident on Highway 270. Client was stopped in traffic and hit from behind resulting in a broken pelvis and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Mogab and Hughes Attorneys recently won $500,000 for a plaintiff in a motor vehicle accident involving a spine injury.

Recently, Attorney David Hughes resolved a motor vehicle collision lawsuit in Federal Court and recovered $400,000. Prior to filing suit, the insurance company offered $0.  

Have you been injured and are you looking for a Car Accident or Bike Accident Attorney in Missouri?

If your life has been disrupted due to a car accident or bike accident, you will need an experienced attorney by your side to get compensated for your damages. Mogab and Hughes Attorneys have over 165 combined years of experience representing thousands of injured clients in auto accident and bicycle claims. We pledge to aggressively and vigorously represent you against the insurance companies. There are countless different types of car accidents, some more complex than others.

Our dedicated St. Louis car accident attorneys are experienced in injury cases involving various types of accidents including but not limited to:

  • Drunk Driving Accidents In Missouri
    These types of accidents tend to result in catastrophic and fatal injuries or death. Sadly, they are preventable. Accident victims can file a civil law suit for damages.
  • Highway Accidents In Missouri
    Car accidents are common on Missouri highways and interstates, including I-70, I-270, I-64 (HWY40), I-55, I-255 and I-44.
  • Texting And Driving Accidents In Missouri
    Distracted drivers, who are texting, using their cell phones, or GPS, can cause catastrophic and sometime fatal injuries to others on our Missouri highways and roads.
  • Construction Zone Accidents In Missouri
    Missouri motorists often have a hard time navigating our highways that are constantly under construction. Construction zone accidents in Missouri typically occur because of excessive speeds, drunken or impaired driving, or driver’s not paying attention.
  • Hit And Run Accidents In Missouri
    Drivers sometimes flee the scene of an accident usually due to fear of getting caught while under the influence; driving without a license; or driving without insurance.
  • Head-On Collisions, Rear-End Collisions, Rollover And T-Bone Accidents In Missouri
    These types of accidents can result in severe injuries or death. It is common that one or both vehicles were traveling fast, thus resulting in a catastrophic outcome.
  • Motorcycle Accidents In Missouri
    Motorcycles offer little protection to riders typically leaving them catastrophically injured.
  • Bicycle Accident Attorney In Missouri
    Mogab & Hughes Attorneys have handled all types of bicycle accident injury cases. Bike accidents often occur due to the carelessness of motor vehicle drivers.

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