Recently, Mogab and Hughes Attorneys won $5.5 Million in a construction accident case for a man who suffered traumatic brain injury in a construction site explosion.

Recently, Mogab and Hughes Attorneys won $1 Million for a worker who was injured due to a Sub Contractor’s failure to cover the sub floor opening.

Recently, Mogab and Hughes Attorneys won $560,000 for a client who suffered a spine injury from a falling piece of rock.  He subsequently returned to work. 

Highway Construction Site Accidents

Highway construction can cause serious accidents and injuries to construction workers and to drivers on the road. Serious personal injuries can occur to the workers on the job site and to others walking or driving by road construction. Construction workers are protected by Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation laws. We handle workers’ compensation claims, as well as personal injury claims when a third party’s negligent acts caused the construction accident.

Mogab and Hughes Attorneys has successfully handled numerous Construction Accident cases including but not limited to:

  • ACCIDENTS caused by negligent drivers, contractors, and subcontractors at highway construction sites.
  • INJURIES caused by failure to properly maintain highway safety zone, i.e., lighting, barriers, construction lanes, exit drives, etc.
  • FAILURE to barricade or cover floor openings.
  • FAILURE to provide adequate safety equipment, harness, hard hat, and other OSHA requirements.
  • SCAFFOLDING FALLS or falls from collapsed scaffolding which can cause serious head and back injuries and broken bones.
  • TELESCOPING LIFT ACCIDENTS which can cause serious brain, spinal cord, neck and back injuries.
  • ELECTROCUTIONS due to safety issues which can lead to serious and painful burn injuries.
  • EXPLOSIONS on construction sites which can cause serious burns, loss of limbs and traumatic brain injuries.
  • CRANE ACCIDENTS which often result from a defective component, crane operator negligence, improper setup or loading, or failure to maintain.

Experienced St. Louis Construction Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in a construction accident while working on a job site or have been injured in a road construction area, contact our attorneys at Mogab and Hughes, to determine how to get compensation for your injuries. To learn more about how our experienced construction site accident attorneys can help you, contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION at 314-241-4477. All cases are handled on a CONTINGENT FEE BASIS. What this means is that we don’t charge you an attorney fee, until we make a recovery for you.