Recently Mogab and Hughes Attorneys recovered $900,000 involving a negligent supervision/hiring against a medical practice. 

Recently, Attorney David G. Hughes won $500,000 in a case for our client who suffered an injured hand due to medical negligence. 

Mogab and Hughes Attorneys won $1.5 Million in a case involving a hospital emergency room physician’s failure to diagnose and treat meningitis in a young child resulting in brain damage.

Missouri Malpractice Attorneys

Do you or your child suffer from a medical condition that you believe could have been prevented or treated had a doctor or hospital taken appropriate steps to diagnose or treat it? Medical or hospital negligence cases are usually called Medical Malpractice cases. They involve carelessness or professional error. For over 60 years our law firm has handled hospital, physician and nursing home malpractice cases and recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Our skilled and experienced malpractice attorneys will review and analyze your medical records, do extensive medical research, and find the necessary medical experts to evaluate your case.

Hospital and Physician Malpractice

Examples of hospital and physician malpractice cases handled by Mogab & Hughes Attorneys include:

  • Emergency room errors of omission and commission
  • Infections resulting from medical care and treatment
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Birth injuries and defects
  • Medical implements left in the body after surgery
  • Surgical errors
  • Postoperative care errors
  • Physician treatment errors
  • Failure to follow treating physician orders

Nursing Home Malpractice

Missouri nursing homes are expected to provide a safe and nurturing environment for patients. Nursing home malpractice often involves the physical or emotional abuse of the elderly that takes place in residential, long-term care facilities or nursing homes. Many incidents occur in nursing homes due to overworked staff and understaffed facilities.

Malpractice cases in Missouri nursing homes often involve:

  • Physical Neglect
  • Physical Abuse
  • Medical Neglect

HIPAA HIV Violation Cases

Did a healthcare provider release your private medical information concerning your HIV status without your permission? HIPAA HIV Violation cases involve the wrongful disclosure of a patient’s medical records.  Attorney David Hughes handles HIV disclosures that violate HIPAA. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) provides privacy and security to safeguard your medical records.

Call Our Attorneys to Discuss Your Malpractice Claim

Due to the complexity of HIV HIPAA Violation cases, and hospital, physician and nursing home malpractice claims, you should ensure that you have an experienced and skilled malpractice attorney handling your case. There is no fee unless we recover for you. Mogab and Hughes Attorneys have successfully represented over 15,000 injured clients throughout Missouri winning MULTIPLE MILLION DOLLAR verdicts and settlements in excess of 350 MILLION DOLLARS. We want to review and evaluate your case. Call for a FREE CONSULTATION at 314-241-4477.