Experienced Workers Compensation & Disability Attorney in St. Louis

I recently resolved a workers’ compensation case for total compensation for lost time and permanent partial disability for $137,192.00. The case involved an injury caused by my client’s co-employees who were working on a construction site and caused a 25 pound piece of concrete to fall striking our client on his back. Our client suffered a back fracture and shoulder injury.  Our law office also successfully handled the personal injury lawsuit against the negligent co-employees, which resulted in a settlement of $530,000. This same client had an earlier work injury, a hernia, which resulted in an additional settlement of $8,371.60.

I also successfully represented a Veteran recently in his claim for service connected disability for right and left ankle, knee and hip conditions, low back disability secondary to his leg disability and post traumatic disability as well as Total Disability and Individual Unemployability (TDIU). The veteran was granted $105,000.00 in past benefits and ongoing benefits for his inability to work. We also successfully obtained Social Security Disability Benefits for the Veteran and recovered workers compensation benefits for the Veteran’s shoulder and back when he was injured working for a trucking company.

Recently, I successfully represented a Veteran for Total Disability and Individual Unemployability (TDIU) due to injuries incurred during his service during the first Gulf War. The veteran received over $90,000 in past benefits.  I also successfully represented him in his claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

I also successfully represented a client in his claim for disabled adult child benefits based on the earnings record of his deceased father. The client was 25 years old with diminished capacity and homeless, when his brother enlisted the services of Ms. Mogab. Ms. Mogab discovered that a prior application had been made for the client at age 17. The denied decision was never appealed because of the diminished capacity of the client. Ms. Mogab was able to establish good cause to reopen the earlier application for the client allowing him to receive significant past benefits dating back 8 years and future benefits based on his decease father’s work record.

In another recent case, we received an award from the Tort Victims Compensation Fund for $56,524.96 for a client who was hit by a driver without insurance. Because the driver was on the job when the accident occurred, we also successfully recovered workers’ compensation benefits for injuries incurred in this car accident in the amount of $21,148.50 for injuries to her neck. An additional award of $6,682.93 was obtained for combined disability against the Second Injury Fund for pre-existing injuries to her shoulder and fibromyalgia. Because the individual was uninsured, I sought recovery from the client’s uninsured motorist coverage. She successfully obtained an additional $50,000.00 in that separate action.

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I was representing a client in two worker’s compensation claims against the same employer, one involving her right shoulder and the other involving her low back.  The employer-insurer provided treatment and it was determined that no surgery was necessary and the client was released to return to work at full duty at her regular job.

On her first morning back to work after being released by the worker’s compensation doctor, while attempting to make a left turn into the plant where she was employed, she was struck from the rear by another vehicle, and she alleged that she re-injured her low back.  Since she was not yet on the job, worker’s compensation would not cover her injury, and therefore, she looked to the driver of the vehicle that struck her from behind for compensation for her injuries.  My client received a letter from the claims adjuster for State Farm Insurance Company, which insured the vehicle that struck her, which stated as follows: “Based on the documentation you have provided, we have extended an offer of settlement of $750.00.”  Attached to the offer was a copy of a photograph of the rear of plaintiff’s vehicle taken by State Farm which basically showed no damage at all to my client’s vehicle.  State Farm took the position that this was a low speed, low impact collision with little or no damage to the client’s vehicle.  The letter also pointed out that since the client had just been released from treatment for her low back injury, it was State Farm’s position that no new injury had occurred.

I agreed to represent my worker’s compensation client in her claim against the other driver and immediately filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of St. Louis County, where the accident occurred.  I alleged in my lawsuit that the MRI of my client’s low back taken before the accident showed a bulging disc at the L4-5 level from the work-related injury and an MRI of my client’s low back taken after the accident showed that the low speed, low impact collision caused the bulging disc to progress into a herniated disc.  The insurance company’s expert witness orthopedic surgeon opined that the MRI performed before the accident and the MRI performed after the accident were exactly the same and showed no new injury and that the rear-end collision caused my client to sustain only a minor strain, which should have cleared up within about six weeks.  All of the doctors agreed that the plaintiff was not a candidate for low back surgery because the disc was not causing any impingement on a nerve root.

After depositions of the doctors were taken and as the trial date was approaching, the case, which originated with a $750.00 offer from State Farm, was ultimately settled for my client for the amount of $50,000.00, which was the policy limits of State Farm’s insured driver.  In addition, I obtained additional settlements in my client’s two worker’s compensation claims totaling $28,626.00, for a total recovery in all of her claims in the amount of $78,626.00.

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Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in St. Louis – Recent Cases

I recently resolved a personal injury case for $530,000.  The case involved injury to our client which was caused by his co-employees who were working on a construction site and caused a 25 pound piece of concrete to fall striking our client on his back.  Our client suffered a back fracture which required a brace and also due to his injuries, missed approximately one year of work.  The lawsuit was filed in St. Louis City Circuit Court and the Defendant’s made no offer on the case until I defeated the Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment.  In their Motion, the Defendant’s asked the Circuit Court Judge to throw the case out of court arguing that his co-employees did not have any duty or responsibility to our client, therefore, our client should not be permitted to move forward with this case.  After defeating the Motion for Summary Judgment and approximately one month before trial, Mr. Hughes was able to settle the case for $530,000.

Also, recently I filed suit in the Federal Court in Missouri alleging that one of our clients suffered significant life altering permanent injuries as a result of a job site accident that involved the use of a scissors lift which tipped over while my client was in the course and scope of his employment.  We alleged in the complaint that the scissors lift was a defective product and as a result of said defective condition, our client suffered severe head and body injuries.

I also filed suit recently, in the Federal Court of Missouri due to a tractor trailer accident which led to the death of our client’s husband. Our client’s husband had been in the sleeper compartment of a tractor trailer when the operator of the tractor trailer drove it off the road, colliding with another tractor trailer and numerous other tractor trailers. As a result, my client’s husband suffered severe critical injuries and after struggling to hold onto his life, he died within hours of the collision.

I also recently filed a suit in St. Louis County Circuit Court after one of my clients was injured while working on a deck approximately 12-15 feet in the air when he suddenly and unexpectedly fell through the deck, landing on his spine.  As a result of the fall, my client suffered fractures to his spine which resulted paraplegia and significant past and future medical expenses for our clients ongoing medical needs.

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